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Yahoo! Top Searches of 2006

They seem to be a bit early with this, but Yahoo! is the first major search engine to release their top searches for 2006. The top ten overall searches are: Britney Spears WWE Shakira Jessica Simpson Paris Hilton American Idol Beyonce Knowles Chris Brown Pamela Anderson Lindsay Lohan There are lots of different categories as …

Hacking Email: 99 Email Security and Productivity Tips

From IT Security: When people read out a phone number, they use “phone rhythm.” No one has to explain “phone rhythm,” we all just seem to do it automatically, “…713…555…12…34”. Similarly, when we answer a phone call we all say, “Hello.” No one taught us to do that, but somehow we all seemed to pick …

PCNames Domain Search

I read about this at SearchEngineWatch: The PCNames domain search engine does exactly what might be expected of it – it searches for domain names and returns results with details on their availability. It does this virtually instantaneously as well – when you being typing the engine offers details on .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz …

Windows 98 firewall?

A while ago I received this email from a regular visitor: Question which should be of concern to many of your readers. As you know, Microsoft dumped support on w98 and others…which then caused ZoneAlarm to dump their support. Therefore, which free (preferable) firewall do you guys recommend for w98? Any thoughts?

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