Freeserve founder launches ‘Browzar’

Regular reader Shawn tipped me off to this…

By Anne Morris, Total Telecom
30 August 2006
New free browser promises to keep your Internet search habits secret.
A new free Web browser has been launched that claims it will enable people to surf the Internet without fear that their information and search habits will be collected and stored.

Dubbed “Browzar” the new browser, which was created by one of the founders of U.K. ISP Freeserve Ajaz Ahmed, does not store cookies, create a search history, or use “auto-complete” for search terms.

But since Web users would still want to be able to store cookies and create caches, Browzar is clearly positioning itself as a “complementary” solution to the more standard browsers such as Netscape, Explorer and Firefox. Basically, if you want to carry out a search and don’t want to leave a trail for whatever reason, then Browzar promises to keep your most sensitive secrets secret – such as your latest peculiar hobby, financial situation or pending job move.

Web users and privacy advocates may find such claims compelling given the increasing number of stories about personal search history “accidentally” being published, as happened recently to thousands of AOL subscribers.

However, it seems those who use the Internet for illegal purposes can still be tracked using “standard” law enforcement methods, and is also only available for Windows operating systems. Those with Apple Macs will have to wait, as will Linux users.

The browser can downloaded at

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