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PostHeaderIcon Implementing powerful and flexible login scripts!

At work we’ve always had separate login scripts for each user. However, we recently changed that to use a login script that checks for group membership. We used the “Implementing powerful and flexible login scripts!” and it works great.

PostHeaderIcon A few great links from ghacks

I follow the ghacks blog, and over the last few weeks, there have been several sites that I’ve booked mark. Rather than take any credit for finding these sites and/or programs, please click through to the ghacks website to read the original postings

PostHeaderIcon Unlocking PDFs

A few weeks ago I posted some links to some websites that help you with various PDF operations (merging, splitting, unlocking, etc). I tried to use the unlocking one recently. I have a PDF that I wanted to print so I didn’t have to sit at the computer. The PDF was protected and I couldn’t print it. I tried to use the unlocking service mentioned, but since the file was over 5 MB (it was 7 MB), it was going to cost $4.99. I found another service that seems to do the job. It is free and supports PDFs up to 200MB in size.

Check out

PostHeaderIcon Another partitioning utility… Parted Magic

I posted about a partitioning tool recently which I was very impressed with. I found another one that seems equally impressive. Parted Magic does much of the same things. Check it out…

PostHeaderIcon Get more out of VLC Media Player with these tips

I use VLC for all of my media playing. It is amazing. It plays almost any file, and the various startup and playlist options just can’t be beat. In fact, I just recently ran a 1 1/2 hour meeting where there were a couple of different videos played. I used VLC to play various segments of the same file, and I played it at 1.1x speed. It went perfectly. We only watched what we needed, and the video played just barely faster. It saved us a few minutes.

Anyway, Ghacks recently had a posting about a new utility that is supposed to help you set some of the various parameters when starting a video. Rather than go through it all here, just visit

And if you don’t follow Ghacks, you really should…

PostHeaderIcon MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Gio phone for my wife (for free) and I’ve been playing with it. It doesn’t have much space, so one thing I read talked about using part of the micro SD card as a Linux partition. The recommended tool was MiniTool Partition Wizard. I had never heard of it before, but the home edition is free for personal use, and it seems to be excellent. It is pretty rare these days that I need to partition anything, but when I do, it will be a handy tool to have.


PostHeaderIcon “Nagios Is The Industry Standard In IT Infrastructure Monitoring”

I managed a small IT department for my full-time job. We have more than a few servers, but not enough to pay for some of the expensive management suites that are out there. I just recently learned about Nagios, an IT monitoring package. There is a paid version, and an open source version. Looks like something I’ll need to try out.


PostHeaderIcon OutlookTools for Office 2010

In the days before Office 2010 (and above), I used to use AttachmentOptions to unblock file extensions in Microsoft Outlook. However the program doesn’t work in Office 2010. I hadn’t bothered to look for an alternative until recently. I found OutlookTools which seems to work well:

OutlookTools is a support and advanced settings tool for Microsoft Office Outlook. It gives you easy access to Outlook settings and data folders and allows you to change settings that are normally only possible through the registry.

The program is NOT an add-in to Outlook. It runs separately, and allows you to make the desired changes. I was able to unblock some file extensions and have access to them in Outlook.

PostHeaderIcon Windows 7 taskbar preview

I know that the world is moving on to Windows 8, but I’m still learning lots in Windows 7. One of the “new” features is the taskbar preview. This is when you hover over an item in your taskbar, and you see a preview thumbnail of the program that is running. I find it kind of nice, but some people at work find it annoying and have wanted to disable it. It doesn’t seem like there is a supported way to disable it, but there are a couple of options. You can change the hover time, which essentially disables it. All you see is the name of the file without the thumbnail. You can also choose to see a list of the files instead of the thumbnails. Play around with the settings at and and see what you like.

PostHeaderIcon Issues with Google Chrome when using Remote Desktop Services

I have a Windows 7 computer and I connect to my home computer from work. For some reason Google Chrome works great at home, but when I connect remotely, it crashes on me. It is similar to the description at

I’m posting about this with the hopes that someone will leave a comment about what they did to fix the problem. I’ve tried every suggestion I’ve come across, and so far it still doesn’t work for me when connected through RDP.