SimplyHeadlines – RSS News to Email

I first read about this at DownloadSquad

RSS feeds (commonly called blog feeds) are a great way to get quick and current information. However, it normally requires another piece of software or another web site that you need to visit. SimpleHeadlines is a service that tries to simplify this, and send you an email with your requested feeds, and it all looks like a newspaper.

Really Need Your News? Really Busy (or Lazy)?
Hate (or confused by) RSS?

SimplyHeadlines is a once a day email newspaper. You decide exactly what type of news you care about. You pick:

* Where your headlines come from
* How many there will be
* At what time of day they will arrive
* The order in which they will appear

And for the RSS enlightened, you can add any valid RSS feed to your daily paper. No software to install – it’s basically an email RSS reader.

I haven’t tried it (I use an RSS reader/client instead), but it looks interesting and I thought I’d pass it along. Check it out!

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