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RSS or blog feeds are becoming increasingly popular. Almost all of the major online email providers also have online feed readers. However, if you already use an email client (like Outlook Express), then you may not want to install more software in order to read the feeds. There are several services that will send the blog feeds to an email address. The latest issue of the LangaList newsletter mentions this:

A smattering of free, Web-based services will send any RSS feed to you via e-mail. You provide only the URL for the RSS feed of your choice and your e-mail address. Once you provide that information, they’ll send you a confirmation e-mail requesting that you click on a link. After that, you’ll get updates as soon as new items are posted.

There are several such services available. Here are three of the better known offerings:




I haven’t tried these services, but thought I’d pass the information along.

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