Who Made That Emoticon?

From the New York Times: “The first line of my obituary is going to mention the smiley face,” says Scott Fahlman, who would rather be remembered for his research into artificial intelligence. But like it or not, Fahlman has become famous for three keystrokes. In 1982, as a young professor at Carnegie Mellon University, he …

The “C-Nile Virus”

Someone forward an email to me today that was kind of funny. I’m not old enough to worry about these things yet, but have definitely seen my more senior co-workers and family members do this (sometimes regularly). I thought you would want to know about this e-mail virus. Even the most advanced programs from Norton …

Managing a Child’s Allowance, the Online Version

The New York Times has a helpful article today about online resources to manage a kid’s chores and allowance. I haven’t read through it fully yet, but it mentions several sites including FamZoo, ThreeJars, Count My Beanz, My Job Chart and Tykoon. I briefly checked out MyJobChart and Tykoon, and they both seem pretty good.

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