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  • Thanks for this tip, but I would love to know how to use it!
    What do you do with it once you’ve created it? I may be a little slow on this, but I don’t know where or how to put this image into my gmail signature so it shows up for every letter I send.
    Can you help?
    Thanks for the informative newsletter!
    Ken Wolf

  • I’m right there with Ken. Nice touch, but how do you use it? I know where I downloaded it to, but what next?

  • This is not something that you would use as a signature in GMail itself. This is something that you would use elsewhere, inparticular at message forums. Most forums allow you to have images in your signature (or sig for short). Thus other visitors to the forum can see your email address (it is embedded in the image) without having the link available for crawling by spambots.

  • This script is a very good way to collect gmail email addresses and then use them to send spam 🙁

  • Good thing Google is very good at catching spam then.

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