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Tweaking a Samsung Galaxy Gio

I recent got a Samsung Galaxy Gio for my wife. It is working great, but the built-in memory is small. I’ve read online that there are options for “tricking” the phone into thinking that an ext2 formatted partition on the SD card is part of the phone memory. I’ve been following instructions at and but …

Get more out of VLC Media Player with these tips

I use VLC for all of my media playing. It is amazing. It plays almost any file, and the various startup and playlist options just can’t be beat. In fact, I just recently ran a 1 1/2 hour meeting where there were a couple of different videos played. I used VLC to play various segments …

Managing a Child’s Allowance, the Online Version

The New York Times has a helpful article today about online resources to manage a kid’s chores and allowance. I haven’t read through it fully yet, but it mentions several sites including FamZoo, ThreeJars, Count My Beanz, My Job Chart and Tykoon. I briefly checked out MyJobChart and Tykoon, and they both seem pretty good.

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