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Archive for the ‘Cell Phones’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Accessories for my Samsung Galaxy S4

A couple of months ago I got a new Samsung Galaxy S4. I love it, and have recently been looking for some accessories. I’m looking to get a cable that will let me have video out to a TV, as well as something that will let me connect a USB device to the phone. I haven’t purchased one yet, but this is what I’ve come across:

PostHeaderIcon Tweaking a Samsung Galaxy Gio

I recent got a Samsung Galaxy Gio for my wife. It is working great, but the built-in memory is small. I’ve read online that there are options for “tricking” the phone into thinking that an ext2 formatted partition on the SD card is part of the phone memory. I’ve been following instructions at and but so far have had no success.

If any of you have experience with this, please share some tips

PostHeaderIcon Unlocking cell phones

I recently learned how to jailbreak an iPhone 3G and unlock it. At around the same time, I’ve had a few people offer me their old cell phones. I have a nice new Blackberry, but my wife has an old flip phone, and texting is very painful. Several of these phones are slide phones, and they are unlocked with a code. I’ve looked online, and some places are offering the codes for $30 or so, but one place has them for around $7. I haven’t tried it yet, but when I decide which phone I’m going to use, I’ll probably try CellUnlockedNow.

UPDATE: I tried to use their service to unlock a Samsung Evergreen that someone gave me, but they couldn’t do it. That’s disappointing! They will refund me my money.