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Archive for the ‘Pocket PC Tips’ Category

PostHeaderIcon Tabbed browsing on your Pocket PC

Webby provides a powerful desktop-style browsing experience on the Pocket Pc platform. Besides tabbed browsing Webby automatically provides the ability to scale web pages using the two top microbrowsers, and Google Mobile.

Internet Explorer came with my Dell Axim, and it works, but isn’t great. I’ve tried Minimo, the Mozilla-based browser, but it is terrible on my Axim. I haven’t tried Webby yet, but I plan to.

You can check it out for yourself on the Webby web site

PostHeaderIcon Updated Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a Dell Axim x30. I use it all the time and am always on the lookout for good programs for it. In fact, I’m reviewing a couple right now that I should be posting before the end of the year.

One program that I don’t use that often, but that I do keep on the systme just in case in the Microsoft Reader for Pocket PC. There recently was an update to the program:

November 23, 2005 – Attention Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition Customers: Please note that we have recently posted an update of the Pocket PC/Pocket PC Phone Edition version of Microsoft Reader. This update addresses activation problems experienced by the users of some Phone Edition devices. In addition we have made it easier to use Microsoft Reader with device storage cards. Thank you for your continued support.

You can download it from the Microsoft web site.

PostHeaderIcon Pocket PC Techs

Pocket PC Techs Logo

If you’ve ever looked into upgrading a Pocket PC device, then you probably have heard of Pocket PC Techs. They offer various upgrade kits and accessories for a large number of devices. I recently purchased a battery for a Compaq iPAQ H3650. The battery is internal, and I couldn’t get a part number for it from Compaq directly, or through a Compaq reseller. I did a search on the Internet and found that Pocket PC Techs offered a kit. It came with a battery, as well as a stylus lock mechanism (you can also just get the battery kit). The hardware came with a very thorough 22-page instruction booklet with detailed pictures of how to remove the cover, remove the battery, and install the new one. It was all quite impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

PostHeaderIcon Fifth Annual Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2005 Nominees

I have a Dell Axim x30. I love it. I’ve acquired a few pieces of software that I’m supposed to be reviewing, but I haven’t got around to it yet. I don’t expect that PCIN will focus too much on handheld computers, but if I can get a hold of some things, I will certainly review them.

Pocket PC Magazine on the other hand, is a comprehensive site and magazine to get information on handheld computers. They just recently announced their nominees for best products in a variety of categories. You can see the Pocket PC nominees here.

PostHeaderIcon Free Pocket PC/Palm Programs

If you have a Pocket PC/Palm device, then you certainly know about Handango.

“The best of everything for smartphones and handhelds!
Handango offers you selection of more than 75,000 downloads for all types of smartphones and handhelds. From business and personal productivity software to travel apps and games, we have the best mobile downloads to fit every interest.”

Well, until the end of January, they are giving away free software:

“As a thank you for an amazing year, we want to give you something in return, FREE SOFTWARE. That’s right….we’re giving away FREE software. Beginning November 30, 2004, each week we’ll feature new software for FREE until January 31, 2005. Get the scoop on how to redeem your FREE software below.”

Check it out at