18 Features Windows Should Have (But Doesn’t)

I’m still a pretty big Windows XP fan. I like the look and feel of it, and it does what I need it to do with minimal interruption. However, that doesn’t mean it is perfect. Here is an older PC World article that shares a list of features that would be good to have:

Some of the coolest OS features are nowhere to be found in Windows XP or Vista. Here are 18 brilliant features that Microsoft should beg for, borrow, or steal — plus tips on how you can add many of them to your PC now.

The lists contains the following (be sure to read the article for the full details, along with suggested alternatives):

  1. Expose (Available on: Mac)
  2. Virtual Workspaces (Available on: Linux, PC-BSD, Mac)
  3. Back to My Mac (Available on: Mac)
  4. Screen Sharing (Available on: Mac)
  5. Time Machine (Available on: Mac)
  6. ISO Burning (Available on: Mac, Linux, PC-BSD)
  7. Stickies (Available on: Mac, Linux)
  8. Podcast Capture (Available on: Mac)
  9. Software Repositories (Available on: Linux, PC-BSD)
  10. Desktop Cube (Available on: Linux, PC-BSD)
  11. Application Dock (Available on: Mac)
  12. Automated Screen Shots (Available on: Mac)
  13. Multitouch Trackpad Gestures (Available on: Mac)
  14. Cover Flow (Available on: Mac)
  15. Pre-Installed Web Server (Available in: Mac, Linux, PC-BSD)
  16. POSIX Compliance (Available on: BeOS, Mac, Linux, PC-BSD)
  17. Standardized Menu Ribbon (Available on: Mac)
  18. Single-File Applications (Available on: Mac)

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