Photoshop Actions

Adobe Photoshop (along with Photoshop Elements) have a feature called “actions”. These are similar to macros you might find in a productivity suite. The “actions” let you do several things at once. I recently came across a site that explains nicely what an action is and how to start using them.

…have you ever had a task in Photoshop where you apply the same steps in the same order over and over? After many repetitions of these mindless and time consuming tasks, they become boring and error prone because they don’t engage our imaginations nor require creativity. Practice doesn’t make perfect. It results in wasted time.

If this sounds familiar you have probably wondered, “Instead of having to enter these steps manually each time, isn’t there a way they could be recorded and played back automatically with the touch of a button?”

The good news: “Yes, there is.” All it takes is utilizing functionality built into Photoshop called Actions…

The “actions” can actually be saved and shared, and the site has links to download dozens of free actions.

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