Modifying your “Open With” options

When you right-click on a file, one of the options is “Open With”, and in many situations, there will be a sub-menu with a few options. For instances, and BMP, GIF, or JPG file can be opened in a variety of programs, and these may all be listed. Yesterday Download Squad posted about a program called OpenWithView which “allows you to easily disable/enable the applications in the Windows “open with” dialog box.” In the comments of that post, another person mentioned OpenExpert, another utility that lets you “specify any number of suitable applications for each file type. In this way, when you open a file, instead of being restricted to using a single pre-determined application, you can easily choose among a list of suitable applications.”

If you like to open certain file types in a variety of different applications (depending on what you want to do with the file when you open it), then you should give these a try:

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