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A couple of years ago the only option for creating or modifying PDFs was to purchase Adobe Acrobat. These days there are lots of free utilities that let you create your own PDFs and manipulate them. I’ve previously covered PDFCreator, CutePDF, and doPDF.

The Reader to Reader section of the December 2007 issue of Windows IT Pro magazine mentioned PDFTools 1.3. I haven’t tried it, but the site explains it this way:

PDFTools is a PDF management application. It can encrypt, decrypt, join, split, stamp, create and rearrange a PDF file.
Version 1.1+ includes a very powerful and simple to use XML to PDF converter.

Also, Download Squad recently mentioned a different utility called PDF Split and Merge. You can use the utility to extract pages from a PDF, break up a PDF into sections (a 100-page PDF can be made into 5 20-page PDFs), or merge multiple PDFs into one file.

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  • I recently found this nifty free PDF software called Foxit Reader. It is very compact (small memory footprint) and fast. It allows you to annotate pdf documents as well as view and print. I use it to fill out rebate forms. The free version puts an “evaluation” watermark on the document when you save it, but the printout does not. The company also has add ons that add numerous other functions that are not free, but very reasonably priced. Check it out at

    Keep up the good work, although some items in the newsletter I’ve already read elsewhere, there are quite a few “gems” I’ve picked up that I would have otherwise missed.

  • Have you guys tried this online service: which allows user to edit/split/concatenate PDF files without having Acrobat Reader/Professional…. installed

  • enseña me como yo ago un tools

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