Bruce’s Printing Pages

There are probably lots of things that annoy you about computers. One of the things that I’ve run into more than probably anything else is problems with printers. There are so many printers that are supposed to be supported on a dozen different operating systems, connected in a dozen different ways, that there are bound to be problems.

The other day while looking for answers to one problem, I came across Bruce’s Printing Pages. I don’t know who Bruce is (other than a former Microsoft MVP for Printing and Imaging), but he has a great collection of articles/tips to help you with a printer. The pages haven’t been updated for a few years, so it won’t help too much with Vista (although some things are the same), but if you have Windows XP or earlier, there should be lots of good information there for you. Some of the helpful information includes setting up a network printer, cleaning up printer drivers, printer scripts, and more.

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