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My wife, probably like most people who cook, has a dozen recipe books and loose paper in notebooks with hand-written recipes. It’s often hard to find a specific recipe. I volunteered to put together a new binder for her. I’m typing up the hand-written recipes, scanning recipes from books, and more. As a result of this work, I’ve come across a lot of good recipe sites. I’ve already linked to the New York Times article with the 101 appetizers. Another good site is Epicurious.com.

Epicurious.com, a CondéNet site, is a premier award-winning food Web site, which incorporates more than 35,000 professionally tested recipes from the premier brands in food journalism, Gourmet and Bon Appétit magazines, as well as web-exclusive original recipes from top chefs and cookbook authors around the world. It also contains over 22,000 member submitted recipes. Epicurious offers a wealth of articles and tips focused on cooking, entertaining, wine, cocktails, and shopping.

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