Theft of personal data more than triples this year

From USA Today:

Thieves are systematically pilfering sensitive personal data from companies, government agencies, colleges and hospitals like never before.

More than 162 million records have been reported lost or stolen in 2007, triple the 49.7 million that went missing in 2006, according to USA TODAY’s analysis of data losses reported over the past two years.

This year, news stories have been written about data losses disclosed by 98 companies, 85 schools, 80 government agencies and 39 hospitals and clinics, according to a database at tech security website

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  • Ask the Brits how come the tax office lost 3 million child health records, with plus identifiers and
    how the car licence office lost all this years learner driver records from a cowboy company in Iowa.

    This actually is not allowed under british law to export data without written user consent, so the buggers in government just make their own rules up.

    Its kick-ass time for these fools.

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