2008 Calendars – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

For the past few years, I have created a small wall calendar for friends an family. I have used 13 images, one for each month and one for the cover.  I  created the calendar pages in Photoshop including such customizations as birthdays and anniversaries, printed them first 6×4 (6×8 calendar) and later 7×5 (7×10 calendar), then had them bound by a local copy store.  I realize I have a certain amount of bias but I do feel they have been a nice gift.

This year I have created a small, full year,  calendar, 4×6, with a single photo and all 12 months of the calendar year.  I downloaded a calendar template from the web, then customized the calendar with my name and web site address then laminated the calendar to a magnet.  I am sending these calendars to new clients as a small thank you and a year long reminder of my services.  For my existing clients, I have customized their calendar with a photo from one of their sessions over the previous year.

Use of your photos does not have stop with a picture in a frame.  Local labs and online printing services offer a very expansive range of products to use with your photographs, though you do not always have pay a lot for them.  A little bit of time on your own and you can have a few nice products to pass around to your friends and family.

This is my last tip for 2007. I wish everyone a happy Christmas and holiday season.   If you happen to receive any new photo goodies over the next little while, remember to read the manual… there is a wealth of information included in that little book.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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