Useful Shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

As a computer power user, I like to make my computer experience as fast as I can. One of the ways that I do that is to maximize my use of program shortcuts. Today I provide a list of common shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop Elements 5, many of which can be used in other versions of Photoshop programs.

Tools (Pressing the shortcut key multiple times rotates between tool variations):

V – Move
Z – Zoom
M – Marquee
L – Lasso
T – Type
C – Crop
J – Spot Healing Brush
B – Brush
K – Paint Bucket
O – Sponge Tool

Palette and other shortcuts:

D – Default foreground and background colours
X – Switch foreground with background colour
[ – Smaller brush size
] – Larger brush size
Shift [ – softer brush
Shift } – harder brush
F11 – Show/Hide Layers palette (F7 in Photoshop)
CTRL + – Zoom in
CTRL – – Zoom out
CTRL D – Deselect
CTRL Shift I – Invert selection

These are the shortcuts I use most of the time in my workflow. You may find other shortcuts (there are many) that you find useful.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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  • I use regular PS not sure Elements has all the same shortcuts
    but one of my favorites is CTRL+H

    this hides the selection marching ants so you can see up to the edges
    another press of same keys shows the ants

    if you are using guides CTRL+H will also temporarily hide them without clearing them

  • Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing tool in my opinion. Photoshop has been my bread and butter software on my current job which involves a lot of photo editing.

  • Adobe Photoshop is my favorite photo editing software and also Paint Shop Pro. Adobe photoshop has more useful features compared to other photo editing softwares.

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