Clean Up Unnecessary Files

There was a time when I tried to write helpful articles on the web site. One of my most popular articles was about deleting temp files. As hard drives have gotten bigger, I haven’t paid too much attention to this issue, but there is still software out there that is supposed to automate the process. The Toolbox section of the December issue of TechNet Magazine highlights a product called Wise Disk Cleaner 2.

A hard disk is sort of like a home—things accumulate there over time, things that you don’t really need to keep. Every now and again, it is a good idea to take a little time to do some serious weeding out of the clutter. There are a few standard methods for cleaning up a hard disk with built-in Windows tools, such as the system tool, Disk Cleanup, and the search functionality. But sometimes, a quick and easy-to-use utility is the way to go—especially when you can get it for free. One such tool is Wise Disk Cleaner 2, which searches your hard disks for the pesky files gathering dust that can be safely removed from your system.

I haven’t tried the product, but I thought I’d pass it along.

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