Paragon Software Group released a unique solution – NTFS for Mac OS X


Last week I received a press release from my contact at Paragon Software (the makers of Hard Disk Manager). They have released a new product, NTFS for Mac OS X:

Paragon NTFS for Mac OS breaks the border between Windows and Mac OS, solving an important communication problem in their file systems

From now on you can enjoy the strong sides of both operating systems you choose on one and the same laptop or PC.

The product gives you:
1) Full read/write access to NTFS volumes
2) All NTFS versions support
3) Exceptional ease of use
4) High performance
5) Stability

For some time now Paragon has had an NTFS for Linux product and it appears that the Mac version builds on this (now that Mac OS X is based on a UnixLinux kernel).

I haven’t tried the product, but if you are using a Mac and Windows (NT-based), then this may be a useful utility for you.

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