Sort Your Photos in Chronological Order Automatically


I got a press release the other day about Automatic Photo Sorter 1.0, software from Styopkin Software that scans for photos and uses the EXIF information to store the pictures in directories based on the date they were taken.

Automatic Photo Sorter 1.0 will benefit most any digital photo enthusiast, who takes lots of photos and saves them to the hard disk drive. Over the years, the computer accumulates hundreds of photos, and it’s only natural that the user wants to arrange them. Until now there has been no way to sort photos into folders automatically. Doing it manually will take much time and too many efforts. Fortunately, Styopkin Software has come up with Automatic Photo Sorter that will help you cope with the “too-many-unsorted-photos” problem.

I haven’t tried the software, but thought I would pass the information along. Styopkin Software also has several other utilities on their site that you may find useful.

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