JOCR Image Capture and Character Recognition

This is a neat little tool I found recently that allows you to capture a screenshot (of a region, the desktop, or a window) and then use OCR (optical character recognition) to “extract” the text.

JOCR enables you to capture the image on the screen and convert the captured image to text. It is useful to revive the protected files whose text can not be copied. JOCR enables you to copy text from any files and images on the screen such as protected Web pages, PDF files, error messages. The program offers several capture modes.

JOCR requires Microsoft Office 2003 or higher version.

I have Microsoft Office 2003, and the program seemed to work fine. Depending on what image I was using, the recognition was better. As I said, it’s a neat utility, and is portable (there is nothing to install, you just run the executable). If you don’t like it, you can just delete it.

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