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Internet Explorer and Firefox both come with integrated RSS feed readers. These are both pretty basic, but give you quick access to your feeds. I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I use BlogBridge. This allows you to have a profile of feeds that can be loaded on any computer that has BlogBridge installed. I sync up my feeds at work, on my home computer, and on my laptop.

Recently Chris has been using Attensa Feed Reader. This can either be a standalone application, or an Outlook add-in. If you live in Outlook, then it can be a pain to have to go to other software to read your feeds. Attensa brings your feeds into Outlook and gives them the same look and feel as your email. It looks quite impressive. If they added in a sync feature like BlogBridge, I’d probably switch.


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  • You could download the free 5-user version of the Attensa RSS server and get everything you’d ever want synced on all end-points, whether they be your PDA, your laptop or work /home computers. Plus you’d get the River of News view that will give you a glimpse into even more relevancy indicators (what captures your Attention??) from your feeds over time.

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