I heard about this site from Chris. On the Couchville site, you enter your zip/postal code, choose how you view TV (cable, satellite, or over-the-air antenna), and then choose your provider (if you have more than one option in your area). You then are presented with an AJAX-based TV programming schedule. You can drag the grid around to move up and down the channels or move forward or backward in time. It’s very cool.


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  • WOW! I love this site! It’s funny because I have been wondering if such a site existed, but concluded it didn’t. Thanks for sharing this; I for one, find it very very helpful (but who has time to watch TV these days, anyway?).

  • One thing I forgot to mention about the site is the ability to “hide” channels. I have cable Internet at home, but don’t pay for cable TV. I guess they can’t block every channel, so I get 6 channels only. I went in and hid all the channels but the 6 I get, and now I have a much smaller list of only the channels I get. Very nice!

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