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(image courtesy of Download Squad)

Michael Robertson, the founder of MP3, has been promoting open source software for a while now. He recently started working with a company, Ajax13, that is writing web-based office-suite applications. The latest venture is a Windows replacement called ajaxWindows:

Today I’m launching ajaxWindows – a complete virtual PC you can experience using only a browser from any web connected computer. If you would like to see it in action, check out the online demo or the video. Remember that everything you see is happening within a web browser. The web browser functions as both the operating system and engine for all of the ajaxWindows applications.

I first heard about this yesterday, and the site was available, but I guess word has gone around, and it is currently unavailable. Over the next few days check it out. This particular setup is in its first version, so there is work to do, but this sort of online virtual computer is the future.

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