Practice Makes Perfect – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

Study and Practice

Today’s tip could be applied to just about anything you wish to excel at.  It is something I have mentioned in the past and is well clichéd: Practice makes perfect.  If you aren’t out practicing photography, you aren’t out improving your photography.

Of course, you could take tens of thousands of photographs but if you aren’t aware of potential problems with your images and cannot see them for yourself, there will be no improvement.  To conquer this, you have to study.  Study other people’s photographs, look at the photos of the masters, and pay attention to images in magazines.  Examine them and learn from them. With a little understanding of the principles of photography, many of which I have already discussed in the past, you can then begin to evaluate your own images.

To take it a step further, shoot with friends, and critique each others images.  You can then start to get an unbiased opinion without your own emotional attachment to your photos as well as being able to drawn upon the knowledge of other people.

Practice and study often don’t amount to a lot of fun. Fortunately for us, photography is different. We get to look at beautiful images as part of our studies, and get to go out and take photos for practice.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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