“At the Movies” review archive

At the Movies was the name of the show that Siskel & Ebert did where they reviewed movies. The name has changed over the years, and the critics have also changed, but the show has continued on. This week they opened up their archive on the web and they have archived reviews of over 5,000 movies! Roger Ebert announced it this way:

The various incarnations of Siskel & Ebert & Roeper represent more than 1,000 TV programs, on which the three of us, and various guest critics, reviewed more than 5,000 movies. And now at last an online archive exists with all of those reviews.

Starting Thursday, Aug. 2, visitors will be able to search for and watch all of those past debates, including the film clips that went along with them, plus the “ten best” and other special shows we did. The new archive will be at www.atthemoviestv.com, and will be the web’s largest collection of streaming reviews.

Check it out at AtTheMoviesTV.com

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