Very Early Morning Photography – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

I have mentioned in previous tips that I do much of my shooting in the early morning. This is for a variety of reasons, better light than midday, less or no people traffic to interfere with my photos and of course life is busy and shooting in the morning doesn’t interfere with other things leaving me to be able to set a pretty regular schedule for going out to take photos.

Usually I start shooting just before the sun comes up, or just after the sun comes up. The natural warm colour of the light created when the light has to travel longer though the atmosphere is unmatched. Sometimes however, I like to get out even earlier. Photographing a half hour or more before the sun even begins to poke over the horizon can yield wonderful images. Even at this time there is a surprising amount of light in the sky and providing that you have a good subject, can provide for incredible photos.

Of course, the light is not bright enough to hand hold your camera, so a steady tripod and cable release are very helpful. Also, a flash light may be useful if you need to venture far from your car in the dark.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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