Where are your high-tech manners?

From CNN:

Just because you live in a high-tech world doesn’t mean your manners can sink to new lows when using your personal technology, experts say.

“No doubt there’ve always been stinkers from the start of time,” says Honore Ervin, co-author of “The Etiquette Grrls: Things You Need to Be Told” and “More Things You Need to Be Told.”

“But all of these mobile, technological gadgets that are so prevalent now — somehow [people] just get sucked into their own little world of their cell phones, iPods, wireless computers. They’re not existing in a society and realizing that their actions affect anyone else.”

A poll last year by Pew Research, The Associated Press and AOL (which, like CNN, is owned by Time Warner) found that 81 percent of the people they surveyed were irritated at least occasionally by loud and annoying cell phones in public places.

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