Total Defrag 2007

Paragon Software (the makers of Partition Manager) have released a new hard drive defragmentation utility called Total Defrag 2007. I received a press release with some of the details:

Paragon Software Group, the technological leader in innovative data security and data management technology, announced the release of Paragon Total Defrag 2007, the most advanced hard drive defragmentation utility available. Total Defrag 2007 promises to provide the most efficient disk layout possible, providing the user with faster boot times and fast access to files across the entire system.

The product is designed based on Paragon’s original technologies. Total Defrag 2007 will provide a complete and exhaustive defragmentation and disk optimization. In addition, users will be able to select options that will place the most frequently used OS files and data towards the beginning or outside tracks of the platters. This will result in even faster boot times and overall system performance.

“We believe that Paragon Total Defrag 2007 will outperform existing defrag utilities. Most of the defrag algorithms were developed during research into how fragmentation levels affect the size of a disk image,” said Konstantin Komarov, CEO of Paragon. “This technology is utilized in our other hard disk management products and now, as a stand-alone application.”

You can learn more on the Paragon Software web site.

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