Will grannies become gamers?

From TechRepublic:

The kids will be itching to visit grandmother as often as possible if the video game industry has its way.

Software maker Microsoft and game maker Electronic Arts held a gaming day at a pensioners’ settlement in Finland last week, taking another step toward gauging interest in gaming among seniors.

Pensioner Kaija Ekstam, who is 72 years old, grappled with a console to keep the car in the video racing game on course and mused that taking up the pastime would provide an exciting new platform for her relationship with her grandchildren.

“I have just started playing. This is great. My grandkids play these games so it will be nice to join them,” Ekstam told Reuters. “I do not want to hear comments about female drivers.”

The gaming day, at the Kalliola pensioners’ settlement house, demonstrated that interest in the activity could grow among pensioners, provided they are introduced to it with enough information.

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