Undelete plus – New Version – And Still Free


I found this a while ago through a link from Pirillo’s Picks. Undelete Plus is a free utility that tries to recover previously deleted files. I tried it out for the first time today on my 1 GB USB drive. It took about 5 minutes to scan the drive. It scanned what it said were 550,000 files and then an error came up saying that it was out of memory. I then applied a filter to the search and tried again with the same results. I then tried it on my C: drive (a local rather than removable drive), and had the same error.

I’m not sure why I couldn’t run the software, but after searching for more information on Undelete Plus, it appears that many people have used it successfully. Give it a try…

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  • I have run Undelete Plus and Recover Files, a similar program three or four times each.
    After running Undelete Plus on a 2 GB UBS Drive for about 15,it stated: “out of memory” and claimed to have scanned more than one million files.
    Each time I ran Recover Files, which is much slower than Undelete Plus, on the same drive, it stated “out of memory” after running for about 7 minutes and claiming to have scanned more than 200,000 files.

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