Keyword Tagging in Adobe Lightroom – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

Today’s tip is another tip for Adobe Lightroom users.

The third tip that I wrote dealt with organizing your images. Today’s tip is how Lightroom can help you with that.

Using the Library Module in Lightroom, tagging images with keywords could not be any easier. With your thumbnails visible, select an image or a series of images (hold down Shift when selecting all images between two selected images, or hold down control while selecting individual images that are not in order) and type keywords in the Keyword Tag box located in the right hand pane of the Library Module.

You can also add keywords buy selecting your images as above then clicking on any of the keywords listed in the Recent Keywords list. On top of the Recent Keywords, you can create you own list of up to nine keywords and save them as a custom set for future reference. Lightroom includes three of these keyword sets, Outdoor Photography, Portrait Photograph and Wedding Photography, but of course you can create your own for your specific photo needs. To change to any of these sets, or to one of your own, simply click the small down arrow just right of keyword set menu. This menu will then let you pick a keyword set, add or delete sets.

What good is tagging your images if you cannot use those tags to find your images later. Adobe has made this easy as well. To search for images using the keywords you have just created, expand the left hand pane if it is not already and then the Keyword Tags section of that pane.

You will see all of your keywords you have created along with a listing of the number of images tagged with each keyword. Selecting a keyword (or multiple keywords using Control and/or Shift) will then show in the image list all of the images belonging to your selected tags.

Properly labeling your images will make finding and sorting them easier for you, and the few seconds it takes to do this initially equates to a lot of saved time in the end.

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Until next time, happy shooting.

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