All My Movies – cutting-edge tool for creating personal video collection

I recently received this press release from Bolide Software about All My Movies:

Bolide Software today announced a new release of its well-known solution All My Movies. Designed for Windows OS, this product allows users to easily and efficiently create and manage private video collections. All My Movies turns your idea of sorting and cataloging various data upside-down making it an extremely captivating task. Compared with its competitors, All My Movies possesses an unexampled feature suite such as support of various plug-ins, export into HTML, XLS, CHM, support of templates and enhanced database. One of the remarkable features of All My Movies is the possibility to import information from Internet databases (for example, IMDB) and the scanned data (covers and bar-codes) which brings considerable time-saving. Above all, All My Movies allows to take stock of lent discs, keep various bases for preview on PDA and implement full text search. Intuitive, user-friendly interface of the program developed in accordance with user-demands is fully customizable and supports a variety of skins.

You can learn more about All My Movies on the Bolide Software site.

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