Image Assistant 3.0 – comfortable and quick image processing

Several weeks ago I received this press release from ExtraLabs Software:

The ExtraLabs Software company, a developer of software for creating RSS feeds, announced the new release of the Image Assistant graphic editor that has some new features improving the usability of the product. These new improvements take into account users’ most urgent needs.

Image Assistant is a multifunctional and yet easy-to-use program for batch image processing. The main advantages of the product include the intuitive interface allowing you to resize images and automatically rename image files, generate HTML preview pages and also apply all kinds of text and graphic “watermarks” and filters to images (remove the red-eye effect, correct colors and much more).

The program can be used for quite a wide range of purposes, both at home and in office. With Image Assistant, any user – no matter how experienced – will be able to create an album of home photos, correct colors, protect image files with “watermarks”.

I haven’t tried the software, but I figured I’d pass along the information.

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