Suspected web forgery

Every once in a while I click on the link in one of those phishing emails to see what happens. I have no plans to give any personal information, but it’s interesting to see the sites and how they try to duplicate the look of legitimate sites. The other day I clicked on a link and I had my first experience with Firefox’s Phishing Protection. The screen went dark gray and a Suspected Web Forgery warning came up. Neat!


I know that IE7 has a similar feature, but since I don’t use it, I haven’t seen what it does.

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  • Wow, Graham, same thing for me. Got one of those e-mails, sent it off to the PayPal Fraud Site, and then, just like you, with no intention what-so-ever to give anything, I clicked it. (Honestly, I didn’t know what was going to happen- thinking my address would immediately go to some website, and upload something so my computer becomes a zombie or whatever) and WHAM! Screen grays out, and I got the same message- After the initial spark of panic, I said to myself, “Cool, good work Mozilla”

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