Is Google Too Powerful?

From BusinessWeek:

It’s the year 2014, and Googlezon, a fearsomely powerful combination of search engine Google Inc. and online store Inc., has crushed traditional media to bits. Taking its place is the computer-generated Evolving Personalized Information Construct—an online package of news, entertainment, blogs, and services drawn from all the world’s up-to-the-minute knowledge and customized to match your preferences. And it’s all collected, packaged, and controlled by Googlezon.

This is the future according to EPIC 2014, a faux documentary posted to the Web in late 2004 by young journalists Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan. Thanks to their slightly tongue-in-cheek, Twilight Zone-inspired tone, the short video drew as many chuckles as gasps of dismay from the legions of mainstream media types and Web digerati who viewed it. Today, nobody’s laughing.

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