Sexy Machines — Yeah Baby!

From ComputerWorld:

Automaker BMW schooled Hewlett-Packard Co. in IT system design. Sun Microsystems Inc.’s co-founder and chief architect designs server boxes largely based on the stereo systems of his youth and wants his company to be more like Apple Inc. when it comes design innovation.

So, if you think it’s all for technology’s sake and there’s no fluff when it comes to enterprise-class IT, think again. Vendors know that when it comes to big-ticket sales, basic psychology still applies.

You might even be surprised where the ideas for those LED-lit, honeycomb-vented, stylized aluminum boxes came from and just how much impact those slick designs have on your decision to fork out thousands of dollars on even the most expensive mainframes, servers and PCs. Even those flashy exterior lights on your hard disk drives have a measure of psychology behind them because manufacturers know certain bright colors evoke succinct messages in the mind of a techie.

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