One Shot or Continuous Focus – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

Most digital cameras with advanced manual override controls often have multiple focus modes, most often single focus or continuous focus. Today I will explain the difference between both and situations when you may want to use them.

Single focus mode will lock focus on your subject and hold that focus point for as long as you hold the shutter button down even if your subject moves from the focus point. This mode also allows you to focus and recompose your photo for better composition. To do this, focus on your subject, and while holding your your shutter button down half way, recompose your image. This focus mode is best for static subjects and subjects you want to place off center. This is the mode I use most often.

Continuous focus mode should be used while photographing moving subjects. This mode continually refocus on your subject (once you obtain focus lock) as it moves closer to or further from you. Great for sports, photos of children playing or anything that may be moving. You cannot use the mode for recomposing your images though because once you obtain focus lock and try to recompose, the camera will automatically refocus on whatever is in the focus point for the camera.

Knowing how to take advantage to all of your camera’s features gives you the information you need to create better photographs. Knowing when to use single focus mode or continuous focus mode is just one of the many features you may not be taking advantage of with your camera.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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