Shutdown Day


It is obvious that people would find life extremely difficult without computers, maybe even impossible. If they disappeared for just one day, would we be able to cope?

Be a part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the internet. The idea behind the experiment is to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day, and what will happen if we all participate!

Shutdown your computer on this day and find out! Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?

It’ll be interesting to see how many people participate in this Shutdown Day

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  • I’ve done this myself voluntarily every other week.
    When ever I start doing the same things every day, I shut the computer down in the morning for 24hrs.

    It’s a great way to reconnect with the world and family.

  • I must be unusual, I don’t use cell phones, blackberrys or any other portable device, I have been away for a week and find turning the computer back on a pain. Maybe because I have a life!
    Turning off for a day, if you can’t manage that you need help!

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