Turn off your flash – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

I know I mentioned last week I will discuss layer masks this week but time has not been on my side so will hold off until next week for that topic when I can give it the time it needs to be properly explained. This week, I want to offer a brief suggestion for point and shoot digital photographers.

Turn off your flash.

Available light photography can produce beautiful images even when they may not be technically perfect. If you place your camera on a tripod and turn your flash off, you can obtain properly exposed available light images without camera motion that is normally associated with longer shutter speeds. During the day, proper camera technique can yield steady pictures without a tripod of flash. At night, use of a flash in low light usually produces ‘deer in headlights’ images that have a bright subject with a darkness all around. Using the longer shutter speed of the camera with the flash turned off will evenly exposed both the foreground and background while allowing all the colour of the surrounding area to expose themselves in your images. As with so many photographic techniques, this requires a little practice, but who can complain about having a reason to get out and shoot!

Remember, lightweight tripods can be purchased inexpensively that are well suited for point and shoot digital cameras and having one opens up a world of possibilities. Read your manual to find out how to turn the flash off on your camera.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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