Rules for YouTube: Make Art, Not Bore

From the Washington Post:

Can YouTube rise above cute kittens, bad singing and goofy stunts? Sure. But this evolving chaos needs some guiding principles. Here’s a Web-wandering critic’s call to arms.

YouTube turns two this month, which presents a fitting opportunity to decry it. The video-sharing Web site — whose name has come to stand for every other such site on the Web — has clearly emerged as the great new media drain catch, an uncurated museum of everything from dumb home movies to slick commercial calling cards, a behemoth that has gone from being part of mass culture to a mass medium in itself, whose reach, ubiquity and sheer volume of content make it easily dismissible as merely the latest purveyor of trivial, banal, repetitious distractions for an eagerly narcotized booboisie.

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