Trogladite Software simplifies ‘Send To’

The latest issue of the Windows Secrets newsletter mentions a handy SendTo extension. When you right-click on a file, there is a menu item called Send To that has a few options (floppy disk, desktop as shortcut, etc). If you’ve used these options, you’ve probably wished for more options. This extension gives you those options.

SendTo allows you to copy and move files on your hard disk with just a few mouse clicks. SendTo also allows you to send files to applications and to remote FTP servers on the internet.

Check out the Trogladite Software web site for more information and to download it.

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  • Why do you need a program when you can just pen the Send To file and drag anything you want into it?

  • I just downloaded this software. I am well aware of how to add things to the send to folder. My reason is the hope( haven’t really gotten into this program yet) of recreating a type of send to “Foldername”as a shortcut. similar to the send to desktop as a shortcut.

    Why? I collect graphics and the best way I know of to sort them is to put it in a particular category folder like a Tigger folder.
    However some Tigger graphics also have Piglet in them. If I can quickly great a shortcut to that graphic in my piglet folder, it would save disk space of course but also speed up the tedious task of sorting them.

    That’s my reason. Hope it works

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