Reduce Shutter Lag with Digital Point and Shoot Cameras – Digital Photography Tip of the Week

Digital camera are wonderful tools, and the technology gets better all the time. Still, one of the biggest complaints I here is of shutter lag. That is the time between when you press the shutter button down to take the picture and when the camera actually does take the picture. This is of course most prevalent with point and shoot digital cameras as digital SLR’s have pretty much eliminated shutter lag altogether.

One way to eliminate this is to prefocus. Much of the delay occurs when the camera is trying to focus on the subject. To prefocus, compose the photo as you want it, and press the shutter button down half way. Hold the button in this position until you are ready to shoot, then, without releasing the button, press the shutter button down all the way and the shot should occur much quicker.

Your camera may also feature a continuous focus mode. If you are photographing a moving subject, this is the mode you want to use. Again, you will be composing the shot, and pressing the shutter button half way down to lock focus, but in continuous mode, the camera will continue to refocus as the subject moves closer to or further away from you. As the camera is continually focusing, again, your shot should happen faster. Your manual will have complete details for your particular camera.

Minimizing the shutter lag time could mean the difference between a great shot and a missed shot.

Until next time, happy shooting.

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