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  • I have been taking photographs since age 7 (I am no longer “close” to 7 any more). My film Nikons and Bronicas are and will remain “wonderful” for all types of photos and especially color rendition. My D300 is a great advancement in digital but I have never been completely satisfied with the color rendition with this camera or with its predecessor (the D200). Since purchasing and using the ExpoDisc for my D300, I am much more satisfied with the images “as seen and taken” and definitely they require much less if any lab reworking prior to printing. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and use it whenever I take photos. It does add an additional step in each photo setting but it is a minimal inconvenience compared to “reworking” photos at home and trying to “remember” the original colors, highlights, etc. I love this accessory and highly recommend it to all digital photographers.

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