Upgrade to Print2PDF 6.0

I’ve reviewed several Software602 software packages in the past, but nothing recently. They keep churning out new updates, and they have released a new version of Print2PDF:

Print2PDF 6.0 was introduced on September 14, 2006. This new version features a completely redesigned conversion engine for increased performance, Microsoft Office 2007 file support, AutoCAD DWF file support, integrated SMTP client and more.

Here are a few of the new features available in Print2PDF 6.0:

* Embedded File Attachment Support
* Rotation and Optimization Support
* Improved Microsoft Word Macro
* Enhanced Image to PDF Conversion
* and much more…

Learn more about Print2PDF 6.0, download the trial or view the demo gallery, here:


I haven’t reviewed a version of a product in years, but I thought I’d still pass the information along.

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