Spamhaus Warns of More Junk E-Mail

From NewsFactor:

According to Spamhaus, more than 650 million Internet users — including those at the White House, the U.S. Army and the European Parliament — benefit from Spamhaus’ “blacklist” of spammers that helps identify which messages to block, send to a “junk” folder or accept. Losing the domain name would make it more difficult for service providers and others to obtain the lists.

The anti-spam group Spamhaus Project warned more junk e-mail could be on the way as it prepares to lose its domain name thanks to a company it has accused of sending spam.

Executives at the U.K.-based Spamhaus Project said Monday they expect a federal judge in Chicago will soon sign an order that would suspend the domain because the group has refused to recognize the U.S. court and comply with a $11.7 million judgment.

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