Fantastic list of XP performance tweak myths

Another good one from Download Squad:

If you’re like me… then you probably are a total sucker for any Netscape or digg post that claims to give you information about some super-secret registry tweak that will make your XP box faster. I know I’ve tried every one in the book, and I found the more that I tried them, the more that I needed them. Not because they worked, though. More often it was because my system seemed to grow slower and slower as I applied all of these tweaks.

Well it turns out that wasn’t my imagination, my system actually was slowing down. And the reason is that most of the supposed performance enhancing tweaks that you read about online at best do nothing, and at worst actually slow Windows down.

Download Squad then links to XP Myths. The site tries to help with various tips and answer whether they really do anything or not. Check it out!

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