Recovering files off removable media

There are lots of tools out there to help you recover files that you’ve deleted off of removable media (such as memory cards). Some are free and some are not. Today I accidentally came across something that may be helpful. I have a SanDisk card reader connected to my computer. It has 4 different card slots to read a dozen different card formats. When I first connected the card reader a year ago, it made all of the card slots a different drive letter. This was a problem for me, as I connect to many network drives, and didn’t have 4 spare drive letters. So using Disk Manager, I setup each new slot (or drive) as a folder on my hard drive. This is done by going into Computer Management and under the Storage section, click on Disk Management. You see all of your drives that are connected. Right-click on the one you want to change, and choose Change Drive Letters and Paths. You can then follow the screens that appear and either setup your drive as a letter or “mount” it to a folder.

With that background, here’s what happened today. I deleted a couple of files that I wasn’t supposed. I immediately pressed Ctrl+Z by habit to try and undo what I had just done. The files returned. This seemed strange since when things are deleted off of removable drives, they are gone. I deleted them again, and sure enough they were in the Recycle Bin. I guess since they were mounted as a folder on my D: drive, when they were deleted from the D: drive (or so the system thought), they went to my Recycle Bin. Neat!

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